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I’m a property investor with a portfolio of residential and commercial property as well as development projects, generating a six-figure passive income.

I’m based in Brisbane and help people from all over Australia, buy all over Australia. By accessing a unique strategy that combines high growth high cashflow residential property, alongside highly profitable property development projects to help accelerate their passive income.

I typically work with families, young over-achievers, and new Buyers Agents who want a predictable, DATA-led system to grow wealth and passive income.

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The QPIA laid the foundations for my approach to giving property-based investment advice

Shehan Wijayasinghe of Elephant Advisory 
QPIA Member

I decided to join PIPA because I was delighted to see that finally there was an organisation that was formalising property advice and those in the property industry.

Marisa Gonzalez of Marisa Gonzalez & Co
PIPA member since 2009

We strive to bring accountability, ethics, and education to the property investment industry.

PIPA exists to improve the professional standards of anyone providing property investment advice to consumers. Our voluntary Code of Conduct means that members adhere to a high set of professional standards to help protect consumers. Qualified Property Investment Advisers (QPIAs) have the highest form of industry-recognised, specialist training and can be trusted to provide tailored and unbiased advice to consumers.

PIPA also regularly produces research, analysis, and publications to help educate our members, the media, and consumers about the property investment sector.

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2021 Investor Sentiment Survey

The Annual PIPA Investor Sentiment Survey is a rare snapshot of the buying intentions of property investors.

PIPA Adviser Magazine

The PIPA Adviser provides the latest research on market conditions, including forecasts for next year.